Saturday, March 20, 2010

Essay no#1

Dear Florence,
I hope you are well. Please take my heartfelt greeting. I am sending you this letter for I want you and your family to stay in good health. I think that you can stay healthy on a budget. More often than not, people change their diet when they are ill. At that time, they tend to spend a lot of money. I urge you to consume healthy food on a budget which will aid you and your family to stay healthy.

First, I want you to grow food on your backyard which will protect you from obesity. Everyone does not have the option to have their own backyard but you have a nice backyard. Therefore, I want you to utilize this opportunity. It will help you to save some money and eat healthy food. I know you do not have lots of time to spend. You do not need more than twenty minutes to plant seeds on the land. This gardening will also help you as an exercise. For example, last summer, I was full time students and I worked part time. But, I wanted my family stay in good health. So, I decided to grow food in my own backyard. I worked in my garden late in the evening. It was really fun and I lost ten pounds. I hope gardening will really help you to cut your extra weight and you will be healthy.

Second, I desire you to eat in seasonal foods from local stores or bazaar. For example, you live in New York City; you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetable from Union Square during the summer time. Season foods are cheaper because you can find plenty of them. You also can look ads at the stores for sales. If you buy a hamburger for $ 2, you can find 8 orange or two broccolis with the same money in season. Also, you will get great taste and nutritional value which do not have without season. In addition, you know soda is really bad for health. I think you do not need to buy juice instead you can make it by yourself. If you want watermelon juice, you need a watermelon and two spoon sugar. First, crush the watermelon on juice making machines and add sugar later and you are done. You can do the same with orange, pineapple and grape. Your children will really enjoy this juice and their health will be in good shape.

Third, cooking at home instead of eating out will really help you to stay healthy. Initially, like you I thought eating out is cheaper than cooking at home. Then, I found that it was not my prudent decision because with this money I can have a very healthy homemade dinner with my family. In your case, you have children and it will be really a good idea to prepare meal at home. Before going to get hamburger from a fast food restaurant, just remember how these junk food will make your children unhealthy. In lots of cases, junk food will make your kids sick gradually. On the other hand, you just need whole wheat bread, cheese, some meat, to prepare sauces you need a spoon of plain low fat yogurt, a spoon of mustard and that are it. It will be cheap, healthy and more enjoyable for your family.

Finally, the reason why I want you to eat healthy food on a budget to protect you from obesity, diabetes and cancer, I hope you will take my advice. I also want you to see the documentary “Food, Inc” and research in the Internet for healthy recipes and try to prepare them at home. Your family and your future health will be better than others.

Sincerely your friend,
Rubina Akter


  1. Yesterday, I played the movie "Food Inc." at work . My co-workers were totally disgusted on what they saw. This afternooin when they came to work they all came up to me and said "Reality Check, Thanks". They all mentioned the part of the movie when the husband suffered from diabetes and not eating correctly due to the family budget and were all shaken up. It does not seem right to have one member suffer from a disease and have the family suffer because they cant enjoy a nutrinal meal due to economic reasons. You make great points.

  2. The essay was in depth. Very organized and all paragraphs supported your thesis statement. Very few minor grammar mistakes that can be easly fixed. Great examples and self involment to further support your ideas.