Saturday, March 13, 2010

What kind of food we eat

After watching the movie Food,Inc, i was astonished to see the politics of food and how the food system is getting worse gradually in USA. No one- government, companies, and public- is taking any substantial steps making sure public are fully aware of the nagative consequences of unhealthy food.
This movie shows us how the companies produce unhealthy food and its negative effect. The companies do not grow chicken; they are producing cheap food or meat for us. Food chains are busy making meat faster and bigger because it helps them to make more money. Also, companies do not include bone in meat for the fact that they do not want us to know what we are eating. The movie shows the Tyson Company which is the biggest meat packing company in the world. It produces chicken in 48 days and the chicken are much larger than normal ones. Making the chicken bigger is possible due to the ingredients the companies use. Many chickens in farm even cannot walk after one or two steps. Eating these types of chicken make us fat quickly. Consequently, obesity and adult diabetes are increasing rapidly due to these types of processed meat.
The FDA and USDA supposed to protect the public health but they are careless. They are the part of the problem. Government officials are also irresponsible. Most of the legislators are fully aware of the negative consequences of these types of processed food. But, they do not take any initiatives to encourage companies to grow organic food. Public is not fully informed about our meat. We are just busy with school, jobs, and business. As a result, we want faster and cheaper food to eat. In some cases, public even do not have option to purchase organic food in the city because they are not available or extremely expensive. FDA and USDA are short changing the lives of Americans.
Before, watching the movie, i would eat burgers. Now, i promised myself not to eat burgers from any of the fast food chains. I will also make sure all of my family members are aware of the processed food and they do not eat any of them.


  1. I agree with you. We should talked about that problem with our family and people we know. From my experience it doesn't work very well if they didn't see the movie. When I told about this my boyfriend he said "I know about it" but he really doesn't care. It effects him only that he buys organic products if they are available and avoid fast food restaurants.

  2. I was also shoked when I saw these chicken falling after taking two steps. knowing that it will be part of the food we are eating will inquire some reflection. It is true that we have busy lives and we can not spend as much time as we want in preparing our own food, but we should find a way to ballance the two.

  3. Rubina - You highlight an important idea here - that the "FDA and USDA are short-changing the lives of Americans". The movie makes it seem that the job they do is to make sure big food and drug companies make money, not to protect the consumer!