Monday, May 31, 2010

Something about research paper

I learned a great deal about American food system while writing my research paper. While conducting research, I learned that industrialized farming significantly affect our environment and health. Also, I have been exposed to MLA format and how to utilize it for research paper. In addition, I learned how to find resources from school website and quote from these websites which helped me a lot. I did not know that I can find free books on Google website. This Google books helped me a lot to improve my research paper. I did not know that all resources are not good for use. A good research paper can also be a better research paper if you invest more time on it. Bibliography was something new for me. So, I had a hard time to write it, but finally I learned how to write it. For my future research papers, I have happy to use what I have learned in this class and looking forward to acquire additional writing techniques.

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