Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fast food is enemy of our health

After watching the movie Super Size Me, I learned a big deal about McDonald and other fast food companies. American is one of the fattest nations in the world. Nearly, 100 million Americans are overweight or obese. That’s more than 60% of USA adults. I learned how these companies attract public to buy their food and how fast food makes public sick gradually. Nevertheless, I partially blame people for not cooking food at home.

The movie shows us how fast food companies are attracting young children. They advertise on television, and put companies’ signs everywhere. For instance, McDonalds, the largest company among fast food chain, have playground for children. As a result, most of the parents take their children in McDonalds. These fast food companies give children meals with toy, birthday party, TV shows, and carton. These ways, like McDonald, fast foods companies attract our children to go there and eat their junk food.

The movie illustrates how eating fast food causes many diseases. To proof this point, Superlock, the main character in the movie, ate McDonalds three times a day for 30 days. He started this experiment with his body weight 185 lbs. During this experiment, he felt depression and headache. In addition, in day 21, he had heart palpitations. At the end of the month, Spurlock gained more than 24 lbs, 13% mass increase, cholesterol level raised 230 from 165, sexual dysfunction, and fat accumulation to his liver. He was able to show that how these fast food companies are making us sick slowly.

However, I partially blame people for eating fast food and get sick. Lots of people do not want to cook home. Instead, they take their children and themselves in McDonalds or other fast food restaurants. People always say they are busy with work and study. They eat McDonalds because it is fast, easily to get, cheap, and ready to eat. One in four American goes to McDonalds every day because people do not have time to cook home. These types of excuses are not acceptable for staying in good health.

In conclusion, after watching the movie, Super Size Me, I understand why eating fast food make us fat and sick. I believe that if we abandon these fast food companies, we can stay healthy.

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  1. I agree that advertisement effect big part of our life. who doesn't know McDonald?
    We all need to have a better choice on food to obtain our health. I was surprised 60% of adults in USA are obese.